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For People Who Love Books

In my adult life I have been dreaming of designing a bookmark. Simply because I love reading books and I adore pretty things.

When I started one year ago I didn’t dream of it to get this serious. Now – one year later – my webshop is ready to go online with my first product line – the most beautiful bookmarks I´ve ever seen. I´m so excited.

Go check them out and stay tuned for new exciting products.

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I´m looking forward to introducing you to my next product line soon – beautiful and colorful coasters.


Creating coasters is a very creative process for me. It takes working with resin to a whole new level, as I don’t always know what results to expect. I love playing with color combinations and deciding which motives will work best with which colors.

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Please feel free to ask me if you have any specific ideas or wishes.

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